Crown & Bridge Offer

Crowns and bridges can help you achieve a truly beautiful, lasting smile. We offer crowns for $1,250 and bridge pontics for $1,000. So your perfect smile is even more affordable!
For example, a 3-tooth bridge made up of 2 crowns and one supported ‘pontic’ tooth will cost $3,500. This size of bridge can be a great way to replace a single missing tooth in many situations.
This offer includes all treatment stages required to prepare and permanently attach your crowns or bridges (see conditions below).
This offer is for a limited time only.


  • Special prices of $1,250 per crowns and $1,000 per bridge pontic are before rebates offered by your health insurer or any applicable Government dental funding scheme
  • Price covers all materials and clinical labour required to completely provide any combination of crowns of bridges. Temporary crowns and/or bridges are included where required as part of overall treatment. Your dentist will discuss treatment options including crown & bridge design and materials to be used.
  • Offer does not include crowns or bridges made using precious alloy, cantilevered bridges, or wing-retained bonded bridges.
  • Offer does not cover special procedures required to prepare existing teeth to accommodate crowns, including for example fillings, posts, supportive cores, or root canal therapy.
  • Offer does not cover special surgical procedures required to alter or manage teeth, bone or soft tissues in preparation for placement of crown of bridge restorations.
  • Price does not include OPG or other special x-rays required to analyze tissues and structures surrounding treatment site.
  • This offer applies to dental care provided at Preston Holistic Dental Group, 659-661 Bell St, Preston VIC.
  • Offer is available to all patients.
  • Offer cannot be used together with any other in-house specials, offers or discounts.
  • Details of this offer including price and availability may be subject to change from time to time.

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