Jaw Joint (TMJ) & headache therapy

Headache, face pain, stiff neck & shoulders, sensitive teeth, cracked fillings, tooth wear… These are some of the signs that you may have a jaw joint problem that needs treatment.
We use a range of modern therapies for jaw joint problems, which can help you avoid serious future problems like pain & tooth loss. Many treatments are simple – including exercises done at home – which can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of life.
If your jaw problems are caused by badly aligned/crooked teeth, we can offer orthodontic care options. This means you can get a nicer smile, happier jaw joints, and better overall health.
We also work closely with chiropractors to enhance your treatment, since your jaw joint problems may be related to issues in posture, skeletal alignment, and body balance. As this chiropractic care starts to work, you should notice better posture and body balance, improved breathing and more restful sleep.
If you suffer from a sore or stiff jaw, regular headaches or sensitive/sore teeth, call us on (03) 9484 4477 for an appointment.