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Welcome to Preston Dental

Our Mission

Our aim is to help you obtain and maintain a healthy mouth and to do this in
a comfortable and safe environment.

We take pride in our standard of care and always try to help you find the
best way to achieve the results you are after.

Together our team can provide all aspects of dental care that you need to
achieve the smile that you want, to give you the confidence you deserve,
so that you can be happy and healthy for your future.

Welcome to Preston Dental

for healthy lifestyles!

Creating vibrant smiles

A healthy and attractive smile is important to your overall health
makes you feel good about yourself, and lets you enjoy life more

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Welcome to Preston Dental

Latest Technologies

Here at Preston Dental, we use the latest technologies to give our patients the
best results, in the most comfortable ways.

Welcome to Preston Dental

The Care You Need

We are able to offer a full range of dental treatments in-house.
We utilise the latest technology to provide the highest standard of
dental care and our aim is to make your dental care convenient and comfortable for you

Orthodontics for straight smiles

Straight teeth aren’t just for teenagers! A straighter smile can enhance your confidence and your overall health

Better Teeth in 1 Visit

We’re proud to offer Cerec® crowns, fillings & inlays. Custom-made for each tooth using the most beautiful, tough, stain-resistant ceramic – in one visit

Cosmetic Treatment & Dental Makeovers

An attractive smile is important because it helps you feel good about yourself in everyday life

Dental Implants

 An implant is the most modern way to replace lost teeth, and often gives a much better result than other techniques


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