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Cosmetic Dentistry involves a large range of dental procedures, which can be used for enhancing the smile and overall appearance of a person. These services include Digital smile design, composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental crowns & veneers, Orthodontics and much more. By using advanced technology, we can transform your smile to give you the look you desire.

Here we have given some details about the cosmetic dentistry services near Thornbury, So, read on to know more about the services offered by our efficient dental-care experts. 

Teeth whitening-

This procedure intends to lighten the colour of your teeth and is used to resolve the issue of tooth discolouration. A bleaching gel is applied on the surface of your tooth which lightens the tooth enamels and induces a shine. 

Composite filling-

In this treatment, a resin composite which matches the colour of your natural enamel is bonded onto the tooth surface. This method can be used to repair a chipped tooth or tooth decay. It can also cover defects on the tooth surface.  

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